07 Camera tracking options


The cheapest solution of camera starts at around $170 and it goes up to 6-figure system.

But all these solutions are super fun and definitely worth it!!

Of course I discuss the most important ones for an Indie Budget in my premium class and show in detail how to make all this work.

  • Actually, you need to get back on Mac (lol). I think found the solution, we can definitely use iPhone as a tracking device. No additional device needs it. Try playing around with the CamTrackAR app.

    • @Moon, I try to put the youtube link for you however, it blocking me here. Try google, “Using an iPhone as a tracker for Virtual Production”. His channel name is “hyperbolic films”

      • Hey Kwan, thanks for sharing! I saw this tutorial I think a year ago or so and tried this. It’s a fun process and and great idea, but it didn’t get me results I could seriously work with. Sure, if you just want to play around with this tech, go for it. But if you want to seriously make videos, movies, music videos, commercials,… I think it’s better to go with other solutions. And they are still PC only. I pay very close attention to the market since I would love to use it with my MacBook as well.

        Here are a couple of things you need to consider to make your results believable:
        – You need to sync camera frames to Unreal frames.
        – You need to calibrate your camera and each lens to the virtual camera in Unreal so that they have the exact same focal length
        – You need to consider the offset between camera sensor & tracking sensor. (Unreal has to get the information from somewhere what the exact space between these 2 sensors is)
        – And finally there is a recording delay between tracking sensor and camera sensor

        The solutions I‘m mentioning in the video consider all these things, but the solution in that iPhone tutorial unfortunately doesn’t do that.

        You can try this and you will definitely learn a lot during this process. But for better results you have currently 2 options:
        1. Use a PC and one of the more professional solutions I‘m talking about in the video or
        2. Start without camera tracking and work with a virtual camera instead. That‘s my recommendation. It’s a super fun process and you can achieve amazing results. Here the first scene covers this process real quick and you can do that on the Mac as well: https://www.moons-mooniverse.com/unreal-engine-virtual-production-tutorial/

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