Vanishing Point System for Virtual Production with Unreal Engine: Unboxing

July 20, 2021

Since a couple of month I'm using the Vanishing Point Tracking System for Virtual Production and since I haven't found any detailed videos showing how it works I thought "Hey... maybe it's time to make a small in-depth video series about it".

So here it is...

The video above is part 1 of a 6 part video series and I will share every single detail about this system.

I have one vector system and 2 vipers.

We start with unboxing, but also go through the installation process (both hardware & software), getting everything setup in unreal engine and finally do some shoots and check the tracking quality of the system.

Also I will add some showcases where I share some of my workflows.

For example

  • How I get ready to shoot within 5 min (once everything is calibrated)
  • Behind the scenes shots of the making of our music videos
  • Why you should choose a green screen over LED wall for virtual production

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