Are you about to build your own Indie Virtual Production Studio?

Discover the only complete Step-by-step guide for Indie Virtual Production with Unreal Engine.

Start to build your studio today and get to know every detail of the process in this comprehensive online class.

The future of VFX filmmaking is realtime - Get ready for it!

Did you hear about the incredible time and cost efficient way to produce movies, videos and music videos using Virtual Production and Unreal Engine and are curious how this all works?

Do you want to future-proof your Indie Studio with the latest technology in filmmaking?

Are you tired of tracking your Greenscreen markers and prefer the much faster way of real-time tracking where you can see your finish composite while filming.

Do you want to make your studio prepared and production ready for work-from-home situations?

Or do you even have plans and are about to build and invest in your own Virtual Production Studio?

Or do you work for a studio or a educational institution and got the project and budget to build a Virtual Production Studio?

My "Work-From-Home Quarantine Studio"

We shot our first music video in our "quarantine work-from-home-studio" in the kitchen.

From Independent Music Artist to Hollywood Studio Owner.

When the pandemic hit and we all had to stay at home, me and my girlfriend (both Indie Artists) weren’t able to shoot our next music videos anymore. So we decided to master the greenscreen and produce our music videos by ourselves at home. Our first video was horrible with green faces, stock pictures and videos as background, no tracking of the 2D background. Nothing our audiences wanted to see. One week later on the search on how to improve our videos we discovered the Behind The Scenes of the Mandolorian and knew exactly this is what we have to invest in. I started with the Unreal Engine “Virtual Production Primer” and was totally excited what bright future would be ahead of us. I know that Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular and will affect more and more markets. I knew that now is the time to switch and start with Virtual Production. Not only for the pandemic, but for the future of filmmaking.

The first Music Video we created in our home studio.

Learning all the stuff took me nearly a year since there was (and still is) not much information about important details out there. There are still too many many small problems that are not addressed. For example the Official “Virtual Production Primer” from Epic Games was great, motivational and I learned a lot. But I had more questions after watching than before.

A lot of information is hidden in hundreds of 1-3 hour long webinars.

And some information (for example when it comes to great hair on virtual characters or doing the composite in post instead of real-time) is just not out there.

Finally after more than a year, we not only produced our first music videos (both Virtual & Mixed Reality), but after producing everything at home, we finally are about to build our Indie Virtual Production Studio in the heard of Hollywood. It will be the first studio in the Hollywood media district since other VP Studios are outside of Los Angeles.

And with all that information gathered it would be a pity to keep it all by myself. Today I’m proud to announce that I will share everything I learned and everything you need to build and technical operate your own or your companies professional Virtual Production Studio on an Indie Budget!

And it becomes even better.

With this online class comes an exclusive personalized coupon code for the best Tracking System for Indie Virtual Production that saves you more money than you need to invest in this class.

You can look so much cooler, when you create a virtual version of yourself.


Real Moon

Learn Unreal Engine & Virtual Production from A to B.

No matter what your experience is with Unreal Engine and Virtual Production, we start with the Basics of Unreal Engine and work all the way up to advanced techniques like filming how real and virtual characters interact with each other in real-time.

You learn how to create and build your own scenes or use one of the endless pre-made scenes, probs and assets out there.

Learn to make videos, movies and music videos in a virtual world only. That means making everything only using your computer.

Or make videos, movies and music videos mixed-reality. That means you have your real life talent, actor or even multiple people that you put inside or in front of the virtual world of Unreal Engine.

Today I'm happy and proud to announce my complete guide for Virtual Production:

"Virtual Production Complete"

The only class that helps you build your studio step-by-step.

Mixed-Reality & Fully Virtual

More than 150 very detailed lessons will guide you step-by-step through the comprehensive process of building a virtual production studio for both 100% virtual productions & mixed reality prodcutions.

You will learn to build and technically operate your studio.

All lessons come straight to the point and don't steal your time.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Unreal Engine Basics

Scene Creation

Using Pre-Made Scenes

Character Creation using Character Creator

Character Creation using Meta Humans

Full-Body Animation (incl. Face & Fingers)

Motion Capture

Using Pre-made Animations

Operate Virtual Cameras

Record Scenes, Music Videos and Full Movies

Syncing Virtual characters & Real Life Characters and make them talk and interact with each other. Or dancers dance in sync.

Setup and use the Real-Time Tracking System for Virtual Production (Vanishing Point)

Setup and use Lens Encoding for Focus & Zoom

Real-Time Greenscreen Keying & Compositing

Greenscreen Keying, Render out Unreal Scenes only, but how you shot it & Compositing in Post Production

Sound-Design to make your audio fit your scene

Color Correction in Post Production

Get to know the possibilities to make your own game out of your movie or music video.

Virtual Production Remote Operation Setup

Virtual Production Collaboration  Setup

Live-Stream with Virtual Production

Bonus: Get Access to my entire personal Mocap Library

Always up-to-date.

Virtual Production with Unreal Engine is a fast changing and always evolving topic.

The course gets updates every month.

Interactive comment section: Leave your comment and I’m happy to help.

Don’t want to follow my path?

Each section has explanations why I’m doing what I’m doing.

My approach was to find the most cost and time efficient way for Indie Virtual Production Studios to create professional results and to ship.

At the end of the day it’s our job to ship a great product for the customer and/or the audience.

To get a great tree, the best solution is not always to model the tree in-house, but to know where to get a good tree.

Please note you will not learn to model your own assets as part of this course, but you will get all the recourses you need, where you can get all the assets (also custom assets) as quickly, cost efficient and high quality as possible.

Greenscreen or LED Wall?

The advantages of Greenscreen are often over-looked since the LED-Wall is just so much more fancy... :-)

You can interact with your scene.

Place real props on a virtual table, sit on a virtual couch, talk to virtual characters, dance in sync with virtual dancers,…

You can shoot with multiple cameras at the same time.

You can have a real 360 degrees set.

But no question... LED walls also have advantages:

World Lighting on your real world characters and probs

No green spill from the greenscreen

No motion blur green from greenscreen

Easier to use reflecting props like metal. Let’s say you have a drum set with a lot of reflecting parts. It’s really hard to get all that reflecting green out of it If you would use a green screen.

The good use is: You can nearly apply everything you learn in this class also to your LED-Wall project, but notice that there is more work to do using a LED-Wall and that we are using Greenscreen as port of this course.

More than 150 very detailed lessons

More than 150 very detailed lessons will guide you step-by-step through the comprehensive process of building and technically operate a virtual production studio.

Lessons that don't steal your time

All lessons come straight to the point and don't steal your time.

Fully virtual & mixed reality productions

You decide want you want to learn. This course comes as "Home" Edition with lessons for making fully virtual productions.

Or you choose the "Studio" Edition if you also want to get the Mixed-Reality lessons.

Community & Support

Each lessons has a comment section and community feature where you can ask questions and get opinions from other like-minded people. I will also be active in the comment section and reply to your comments if you have any questions.

How much does the course cost?

The course would easily be worth $10,000.

Because this is what it would have saved me.

I wasted so much money on equipment that I ended up not using. I had to do a lot of trial and error and see what works and what not.

I spend so much time trying out things, experimenting,... Don't get me wrong... this can be fun... but also frustrating - especially when you need to shoot something or when something happens in the middle of the shoot and you have actors, artist in front of the camera,...

Unfortunately there was no recourse out there that I could use as a reference.

I had to spend all that money and, even worse, I had to spend nearly a year of trial and error to figure everything out.

I'm happy to finally share everything in one comprehensive, but to-the-point class.

And I'm proud to announce

"Virtual Production Complete"

Yes,  I would like to order the course "Virtual Production Complete" for just

599,- USD

Order now to get Instant Access to all lessons included.

You would like to have "Virtual Production" NOW and take advantage of class today but don't have the financial possibilities to get started today? You can get it today thanks my easy installment option. Just pay 199,- USD today and split the rest in 2 easy installments of 199,- USD per month:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60-Days

I'm pretty sure that you will love this course.

I also rather have one customer less than someone who is unhappy.

For this reason I offer a no question asked 60 day 100% Money-Back-Guarantee. So for whatever reason you don't want to keep this course, send me an email within 60 days after purchase and I'm happy to give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn how to create virtual characters in this course?

Yes, I will share my process of character creation using Reallusion's Character Creator & Epic Games' Meta Human.

But you need to get the software on your own costs.

What is the difference between Virtual ONLY & Mixed Reality?

"Virtual only" means that you would do all the work needed for the final product with your PC. "Mixed Reality" means that you will film people, props or settings in the real world and combine it with virtual elements from your PC.

What if I have specific questions about equipment I want to use, but you don't use?

The best place to ask this questions is in the comment section below the video that your questions belongs to. I will answer there and everyone can learn from the comment section as well.

When will I able able to shoot my first video?

Of course it depends on things like how much time do you put into this, which equipment you use, if you follow my path or create your own.

But if you put 2-4 hours/day and take the same way I took, you can be able to shoot amazing videos after a week.

But the more you practice the better you'll get.

Does this also work for LED Wall or is it just Greenscreen?

This course is created for Virtual Production using green screen. Many things would apply for Virtual Production using a LED wall as well.

However, keep in mind that if you want to do Virtual Production with LED wall there are many more things to consider.

Is the system you are using for professional use?

Yes, the Vanishing Point System for Virtual Production is a professional system made for Virtual Production.

How long do I have access to the lessons?

This class is a one-time payment with lifetime access class.

About Moon

When I started virtual production I was fixed very quickly and new immediately I have to share what I'm learning here. I felt and still feel the impact it has on my life. And now is the best time to start and get ready for the future of filmmaking.

So happy and proud to do this now!

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