07 Overall Costs needed


If you only want to get the basics (minimal equipment), get a good computer for around $3000, the Vanishing Point Vector Lite System for around 5000 British Pounds, you can use your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with HDMI out. And then you only need some cables, adapters, tripod and a greenscreen. That way you should be good for around $10000.

But more is always better... πŸ™‚

Some people say "start with a vive tracker", but I disagree!

The vive tracker won't make you happy and you won't be able upgrade it to a professional solution.

The cheapest professional solution is the Vanishing Point Vector lite system. You can upgrade it even with 2 x Vanishing Point Viper Sensors for Focus & Zoom tracking and will get you a perfect composite (no sliding). You won't need anything else.

But the vive tracker will soon be in the corner. And if you got 4 base stations and 2 tracker like me, this is $1200 lying unused in the corner... πŸ™

My vive tracker simply didn't do the job for me. Sliding issues and no professional composite when moving the camera. They are now lying in my storage room and don't get used.

My Vanishing Point Sensor is always attached to my camera and gets used everyday πŸ™‚ It does a great job and made professional virtual production possible for me. I love it!!

  • It’s exciting to see this is affordable and attainable to low budget production companies. Not being a technical person, I’d like to find someone in the Los Angeles area to partner with that is technical minded. We could start a movie company!

  • Hey Moon,
    great insights you provide us. I got a question about the viper system. If you use 2 (one for focal and 1 for zoom) how do you get the camera position for your virtual cam?

    • Hi Dominik, the camera position for the virtual cam is defined in vector by the floor anchor. Vector comes with a real life floor anchor that you set ones and the camera position is set. Does this newer your question?

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