05 Importing the Character into Unreal Engine

  • Thank you so much for your work!
    When I Import any fbx file from the provided .zip the character comes untextured+completely white, also there is no vee dancing.fbx included and start and endframe of animation are not detected by ue. Have you experienced something similar or know why this keeps happening?

    • Hi Tiag, thanks for you comment 🙂
      Did you install the Reallusion Auto Setup for character import? as I show in lesson: “02 Installing Reallusion Auto Setup for Character Import”? This should solve the untextured+completely white characters and also the start and endframe of animation.
      Correct the vee_dancing.fbx is not included. But I’m happy to add this

      • Thank you for answering that fast. Yes it is installed and kind of running, since it asks me if this is a cc file or not and if want to do HQ import etc.
        The log says: FBX scene loading: found texture clash, name clash can be wrongly reassigned at reimport (….) for 90 of the textures.

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