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Free Virtual Production Class

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Class Overview

In this FREE Virtual Production Class you will create your first cinematic sequence using Unreal Engine. If you have any questions, leave a comment below on of the lessons and I’m happy to help!


Module Content

Video lesson

01 Preparing Your Scene + Quick Unreal Engine Intro

Video lesson

02 Installing Reallusion Auto Setup for Character Import

Video lesson

03 The .fbx File Format

Text lesson

04 Download Characters & Animations

Here you can download your character & animations.Please watch the video to understand how the characters were made and what it means for your process to create your own cinematic sequence.

Video lesson

05 Importing the Character into Unreal Engine

Video lesson

06 Creating our First Sequence with Camera & Animated Character

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07 Further Camera Settings (Aperture, Focus & Focal Length)

An aperture of 2.8 or lower creates a nice blurry background. This kind of blurryness is what many people consider as a cinematic shot since it’s used a lot in Blockbuster Movies.So you’re on a great path! :)

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08 Render Sequence

Finally we will render our sequence :)

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