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The 2021 Way Of Doing Green Screen

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01 The 2021 way of doing green screen – Workflow explained

04:14 min - Welcome to my free green screen in 2021 course!

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02 Download an install Unreal Engine (FREE Download)

03:48 min - Unreal Engine is the app where a lot of the magic happens. Let’s take the first step and set it up.

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03 Navigate through the Unreal Editor – Part 1

7:00 min

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04 Navigate through the Unreal Editor – Part 2

02:27 min

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05 Create your first virtual movie set in minutes

05:30 min - It’s easier than you think to create your first virtual movie set. Check this lesson out and start creating today.

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06 Connect your camera to Unreal + Key out the green with composure

22:22 min - This one is exciting because we bring your camera live signal to Unreal Engine. Also we will key out the green. Maybe you say "Hey I know how to get rid of the green screen". But this one here is a high quality keyer that works while you are shooting. And it's free!

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07 Camera tracking options

07:37 min - Do you want to move the camera while shooting and feel as if you were in a mixed reality world, which seem to be like one? Then you have to get a camera tracking solution.

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08 How to go from here

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09 My Equipment List

Download my equipment list here.

About the Teacher


My girlfriend and I are independent artists. When the pandemic hit in 2020 we had to find a new way to produce our music videos. I discovered this incredible new way of making videos in virtual environments. That way we were able to shoot music videos in our home. But soon I noticed there is a lack of learning recourses in this field. That’s why I decided to share what I learned so that it will be much easier for others. Also I really like to share my passion with like minded people. 

  • This looks interesting..I’ve been looking for a relatively easy virtual app to use and combine with my virtual set up using reflec media reflective cloth and green lamp on camera and mix a virtual room scene ..maybe as you were looking for …a musician back drop

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